「取天下與守天下,無機不能」 洞悉天機 始於1987
「取天下與守天下,無機不能」 洞悉天機 始於1987
Hong Kong

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of conventional communication agencies

We are the integrated brand consultancy partner to the world’s top luxury groups and Fortune China 500 companies

Founded on 35 years of first-hand knowledge and insight

Powered by creativity and innovation

We are entrusted for our political acuity and cultural sensibility. Deeply connected with the most popular tastemakers, celebrities, influencers, thought leaders and designers, we are passionate about arts and culture, entertainment, fashion, tourism, and architecture.

Technology and innovation are a driving change in the business world. The new definition of “luxury” and “consumer behaviour” call for the need to evolve rapidly and adopt a more future-forward culture and consumer-centric strategy in order to succeed and capture benefits of tomorrow’s marketing opportunities. Occasions will continue to realise my vision in being always a step ahead and setting the trends in the market.

Founder and chairman