For over thirty years, Occasions Asia Pacific has provided unsurpassed integrated brand consultancy services across China, focusing in the Greater Bay Area.

Technology and innovation are a driving change in the business world. The new definition of “luxury” and “consumer behaviour” call for the need to evolve rapidly and adopt a more future-forward culture and consumer-centric strategy in order to succeed and capture benefits of tomorrow’s marketing opportunities. Occasions will continue to realise my vision in being always a step ahead and setting the trends in the market.

Founder and chairman

Our unmatched market insights are constantly developed through our long-term relationships with high-level prominent figures and authorities. Occasions is always ahead of the curve.

CEO & Board Director

Our long-standing connections with thought-leaders, celebrities and influencers and team of creatives ensure that every aspect of our work creates a lasting impression.

Board Director

What We Do


We redefine the boundaries of traditional agencies.
We focus on delivering practical, tangible and enduring business results.
We take a long-term view by positioning ourselves as an extension of our partners’ teams.

35 years of experience

Now more than ever, communications and branding are paramount. In a world that is in constant flux and advancing digitally and technologically, it is essential that businesses remain current to have any impact.

First-hand intelligence...

With more than thirty years of accumulated insight and intelligence across all levels, our access to leading stakeholders and figures across the public, private and social sectors ensures that we are constantly evolving to adapt to current climates.

Experts across every field…

We are experienced leaders across the board, with authenticity, quality execution, strategic thinking and innovation as our main core values. At Occasions, we believe in going the extra mile for our clients, so that together, we can exceed all goals.

Personalised approach…

We build each and every client's strategy from the ground up to ensure no detail is missed. We have a proven track record of crafting unique and successful campaigns on international and local levels.

Powered by knowledge…

Our team are consistently in the know of current affairs around the world. Our research team understand policies, trends and best practices on a local, national and global level to ensure that our clients maximise their brand value in a positively conscious way.

Consistent performance…

We form long-term relationships with our partners; we invest in our clients and make it our prerogative to go above and beyond to achieve the best results for them.


Our teams have years of on-the-ground and long-standing working relationships with brands, associations, institutions, media and entertainment companies across the region and the globe.



At Occasions, we don’t put people in boxes. We value diversity, team work and curiosity. We believe in a can-do attitude and that a positive spirit can move mountains. 

Projects Highlight
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Louis Vuitton
Objets Nomades Hong Kong

Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades brings its latest collection of luxury travel pieces to Hong Kong. 

Shun Tak
Park Nova

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Official Asia Launch & Special Project "Infused Jewels"

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