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MGM Chef Nic Gastronomusic Fest 2023

The highly anticipated "MGM Chef Nic Gastronomusic Fest" took place at the Roof Terrace of MGM COTAI in November of 2023. Celebrity chef Nicholas Tse, and his team of acclaimed chefs, including Danyi Gao, Beichuan Yang, Domino Dee, Amanda Strang, Hilda Chan, and Edward Voon, showcased their culinary skills and presented innovative interpretations of global cuisines. They were joined by MGM's Chefs Yang Dengquan, Homan Tsui, Mario Gil, Sihui Pan, Jefferson Lim, João Costa Casimiro, Bruno Le Francois, and Neo Ng, who added their expertise to the culinary portion of the event.

Nicolas Tse performed a rock 'n' roll set on stage, accompanying by Chinese rock band Tarzan (泰山乐队), pop stars Hailey Liu (劉文君), and Young (曹楊), Hong Kong band Dear Jane, pop singers Edmond Leung (梁漢文) and Gin Lee (李幸倪), rising stars Panther Chan (陳蕾) and MC Cheung (張天賦), and girl group XiX. Guests enjoyed a delightful fusion of food and music, experiencing the vibrant spirit of Macau's "Creative City of Gastronomy."

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Hong Kong Federation of Women
Women Power Forum 2023 | Making the Impossible Possible: Women Trailblazer

The Hong Kong Federation of Women organised the 3rd Women Power Forum, which took place at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Auditorium, graced by the presence of distinguished speakers and guests. With the theme of “Making the Impossible Possible: Women Trailblazer”, the forum highlighted the compelling influence that a feminine perspective offers across diverse arenas and disciplines through its advocacy of women's leadership.

FILA Hong Kong "Make Performance Beautiful" Olympic Uniform Debut

On 25 June, Fila Hong Kong celebrated the grand unveiling of the official uniforms for the Hong Kong and China delegates headed to the Paris 2024 Olympics at Sky 100. 



MGM China
Hush! Beach Concerts x Urban Yo~Ga Wellfest 2023

Hush! Beach Concerts x Urban Yo~Ga Wellfest 2023 is a brand-new wellness tourism initiative synergizing music, leisure, and culture with a two-day weekend event.