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‘Unveil the Extraordinary’ - Grand Opening of Mouawad’s New Boutique at the Peninsula Hotel

‘Unveil the Extraordinary’ with Mouawad, a family-owned jewelry brand whose history spans over 130 years, since 1980 in Lebanon, Switzerland, and Beyond. Fred Mouawad, fourth-generation of the family came to Hong Kong to an exceptional Grand Opening of its first boutique in East Asia with top jewellery collectors and socialites in attendance at this momentous celebration.

Also notable in their collection is ‘The Star of Stanley Ho, Grand Lisboa, Macau,’ named after Dr. Stanley Ho. Weighing 218.08 carats, it is the largest, flawless, cushion diamond in the world. His daughter Pansy Ho and granddaughter Beatrice Ho were both present at the opening.  

Proudly produced and managed by Occasions, the grand opening is followed by an exclusive presentation of the brand’s finest and record-breaking pieces before a private dinner at Peninsula Hong Kong under canopy of glittering chandeliers.

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