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Mouawad x Beatrice Ho Venus Collection

Jewelry house Mouawad and philanthropist Beatrice Ho announced the collaborative launch of the "Venus Collection", following Mouawad’s new store opening in the city. The launch of this special collection marked a unique and unprecedented collaboration in the industry between two families with a rich heritage of tradition, innovation, and passion for jewellery and art, and a tribute to their history by innovating together. 

The Venus Collection pays tribute to the resonance of powerful femininity by placing heart-shaped gems at its core. Pearls take centre stage, crowning each heart in a poetic reminder of the balance of mind and heart required for true spiritual growth. Just as Venus's legend weaves itself through the tapestry of time, this collection invites every woman to etch her unique narrative. The option of selecting further gemstones and pearls to easily interchange on each Venus adornment becomes an odyssey of reflection and metamorphosis, inspired by the divine union of heart and mind.  

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