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Yuen Yeung Multi-Disciplinary Exhibition in Shanghai

“Yuen-Yeung ", an exhibition of multi-disciplinary works by cross-generational artists, hosted at Shanghai K11 Art Mall, highlighting 21 works from the extraordinary artistry of Florian Krewer, Bruce Nauman, Wolfgang Tillmans, Charline Von Heyl and more. Inspired by the classic Cantonese drink, which blends coffee and tea into a delightful concoction, the exhibition celebrates the beauty of unexpected pairings and the creation of new flavours. 

In the gallery, visitors will find works by artists from Asia, Europe and the United States that encompass different moments in contemporary art and lead them to experience the apparent paradoxes and affinities. Organized by Art-Bureau Founding Partners, Ed Tang, and Jonathan Cheung (Board Member of Occasions Asia Pacific), this showcase ran through November 7th, 2023, to January 7th, 2024. 

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